Tuesday, October 28, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 28/10/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish very well, with anglers reporting of good numbers of fish being landed.  There were some nice Golden Perch landed from the bank near the concrete boat ramp on Sunday morning.  The majority of these fish were landed on live shrimp.  Other anglers reported on landing good numbers of Golden Perch while casting and trolling hard body lures and blades.  Fish were caught in various spots all over the dam.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is also fishing quite well. One local angler reported on landing some nice fish over the weekend on TN70 Jackalls.  These fish were landed in the deeper water just of the edge of the weed.  Other anglers reported on landing good numbers while using live shrimp and frozen saltwater yabbies.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: Anglers at Moogerah have reported on the fish really firing up.  The warmer weather has increased the water temperature, which causes the fish to become more active.  The warmer weather also means an increase in boating traffic.  Make sure to be very careful when on the water.  Hard body lures, blades and live shrimps worked well.

RIVER AND CREEKS: The local rivers and creeks continue to produce some nice fish.  There were some nice Golden Perch landed at Murrays Bridge over the weekend on spinnerbaits.  The were also some quality fish landed in the Pratten area while trolling hard body lures.  Anglers also reported on some good numbers being caught in various spots along e Condamine River in the town area.  The majority of these fish were caught on bait, with hard body lures working the best for the lure anglers.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fishing Report - 21/10/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish well, despite the windy conditions.  The bait anglers had the most success on saltwater yabbies.  Lure anglers saw the best results while using blades and mask vibes, as well as trolling hard body lures.  One local angler landed six legal sized Golden Perch on OSP Blitz’s.  Most of the fish were caught in 20 feet of water.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam also continues to fish well.  It has been mentioned before that Connolly is a great dam in windy conditions because you can easily find a sheltered position out of the wind.  Both bait and lure anglers picked up some nice fish, with some quality Golden and Silver Perch landed over the weekend.

MOOGERAH/MAROON DAM: Anglers at Moogerah Dam had success in the timber while using TN60 Jackalls and Imakatsu Piranhas.  The fish were mainly located in the deeper water, however there were also some nice fish landed while fishing the edges with soft plastics.  Live shrimp also accounted for some quality Golden Perch, landed in the gorge.  Anglers at Maroon also landed several legal Bass over the weekend.  Early Sunday morning seemed to be the most successful time, with anglers managing to land some quality Bass on surface, before the wind picked up.  There were also several Bass landed by anglers fishing spinnerbaits and small crankbaits on the weed edges.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: Our rivers and creek systems continue to produce some nice fish.  We had numerous reports of anglers landing some quality Golden Perch, with the best numbers coming from the west of Warwick.  A young local angler managed to land 9 Golden Perch on Sunday afternoon on hard body lures, in the Condamine River in the Pratten area.  There were also reports of some nice fish landed at Murrays Bridge on crays.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FISH OF THE WEEK - 14/10/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is fishing very well at the moment, with anglers landing quality fish over the weekend.  There were huge numbers of Golden Perch landed on live and frozen bait, as well as a variety of hard body lures.  The bait anglers had success on live shrimp and crays, as well as saltwater yabbies.  These fish were landed in the deeper water.  The lure anglers landed fish on lipless crankbaits, hard body lures and blades.  The majority of the fish were landed while casting the structure and trolling.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam continues to fish well with good numbers of Golden and Silver Perch being landed on bait and lures.  Live and frozen shrimp was the most successful for the bait anglers, while spinnerbaits worked well for the lure anglers.  There were also some catfish landed on bait.

MOOGERAH/MAROON DAM: Anglers landed some quality Bass over the weekend at Moogerah.  Anglers had success while trolling Tilsan Bass Lures in the timber.  We also had reports of quality Bass being landed on blades as well as tail spinners.  Most anglers commented on an increase of boat traffic due to the warmer weather.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: We had reports from several anglers of good numbers of Golden Perch as well as several legal sized Murray Cod.  The majority of the fish were landed to the east and west of Warwick.  Most fish were landed on hard body bibbed lures while casting the structure. The lure action is definitely on the increase, mainly due to the warmer water temperature.  Green and black lures were the standout.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 9/10/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish very well, with local anglers reporting on good numbers of fish.  The lure anglers are having success on various hard bodies, blades and Jackalls.  The bait anglers are having huge success on frozen shrimps and saltwater water yabbies.  These fish are still in the deeper water.  We also received reports of some Murray Cod caught and released while trolling hard boys lures.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is also fishing quite well at the moment.  Local anglers have reported on landing good numbers of quality Golden Perch on both lures and bait.  The lures anglers had the best success on Jackalls and JMH Spinnerbaits .There were also plenty of catfish landed on bait.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: The Bass are on the move with the warmer weather.  Now that the school holidays are over, the boat traffic should return to normal, which should help the fishing.  Anglers had the most success up in the timber and up towards the back of the dam.  Gold coloured blades and tail spinners have been giving anglers the best results.

RIVER AND CREEKS: Anglers are reporting of plenty of fish being landed from our local creeks and rivers.  The catch of the week as a massive Golden Perch, measuring 67cm, landed in the river on a Mumbler.  What a massive fish!  Predatek lures are also working very well. There were also a couple of nice Murray Cod caught and released during the week.