Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fishing Report - 28/3/2017

LESLIE DAM: Reports received from anglers at Leslie Dam indicated numbers being a little down on previous weeks.  Most anglers are commenting on the size of Golden Perch, with it being hard to land a legal sized fish.  Anglers fishing off the bank near the Washpool landed several legal sized Catfish and Silver Perch on worms.  There were a few nice fish landed in the main basin on lures, with blades, mask vibes and plastics working well.  Anglers had success on Sunday morning while trolling lures, however most of the Golden perch landed were under size.  There was also a few smaller Murray Cod landed on lures.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers fishing at Connolly have had reasonable success over the past week, with some nice fish being landed.  Anglers reported on good sized Golden and Silver Perch being landed from the bank on worms and shrimps.  Anglers casting smaller spinnerbaits and TN50 Jackalls also landed a few legal sized fish.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a slight fresh during the week, which has slowed things down for the lure anglers.  However, the bait anglers reported on some nice fish being landed to the east and west of Warwick.  We received reports of some good numbers of Golden Perch being landed between Killarney and Canningvale.  We also received reports of Golden Perch being landed upstream of the O.O Madsen Bridge and in the Mill Hole.

MAROON DAM: Maroon is fishing well at the moment with some solid Bass being landed over the weekend.  Anglers reported on landing some nice Bass on spinnerbaits and beetlespins while fishing the weed edges.



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Actually, it is a bird? of the quacky variety. Danny the Duck is here and he's out to survive in a fish-eat-bird world. It's well known that pike, musky and bass all take a fancy to spring time ducklings when they get the chance and now you can offer that meal thanks to this impressive Westin lure that took a full two years to develop. It is designed to be fished very shallow and close to the surface and with the rod tip held high you can ensure he breaks the surface. The 'Westin roll' that Danny struts took a long time to perfect, but the end result is something very impressive. Available in several realistic colour variations and one insane firetiger version ? Danny is set to become your secret weapon when pike fishing. Just add your own duck quacking sounds!

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lead free
  • Japanese-style #1/0 carbon steel hooks
  • Running depth: 1,5-2m
  • Full wire-through-body construction
  • Spare feets included
  • Hand painted detailed colors

Monday, March 20, 2017

Fishing Report - 20/3/2017

LESLIE DAM: There were reports of a few nice fish landed during the past week and over the weekend at Leslie Dam.  Anglers reported on plenty of smaller Golden Perch and Murray Cod on the move.  Shrimps worked well for the bait anglers, while blades, TN60’s and plastics landed some fish for the lure anglers.  Trolled hard body lures also picked up some nice Golden Perch in front of the Washpool Camping area and up near the “Blackboys”.  An angler managed to land a very healthy 68cm Murray Cod while casting a spinnerbait around the rocks opposite the dam wall.
CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers fishing from the bank at Connolly managed to land a few nice Golden and Silver Perch over the weekend, mainly on bait.  Kayak anglers are having reasonable success with lures, with reports of a few quality Golden Perch being landed over the weekend.  Anglers also reported on a few smaller Murray Cod on the move.
RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is fishing quite well with reports of some nice Golden Perch being landed in and around the town area.  The eastern side of Warwick is fishing the best, from Canningvale right through to Killarney.  One local angler landed a lovely 82cm Murray Cod from his kayak in the Murray Bridge area.
MAROON DAM: There were reports that there were a few Bass on the move at Maroon over the weekend.  There were some quality fish landed on spinnerbaits while fishing the edges of the lilypads and steeper banks.
The Westin Monster Vibe is a Monster Spinnerbait for Monster Fish. Famous for catching big Pike, this lure is going to add big Murray Cod to it's resume. With a simple cast and retrieve you can create a whole heap of chaos below the surface to get the attention of everything down there. To give this lure extra oomph Westin added one of their Ring Teez CT lures to the trailer hook for more vibration and appeal. Westin's Monster Vibe features a weedless design, X-Strong carbon steel single hooks, heavy duty 1.5mm wire, custom made Westin willow blade that is changeable, trailer hook with Ring Teez CT also changeable, superior silicone skirt and hand painted detailed colours.

This is one seriously tough spinnerbait that is easy to fish and will bring HUGE results.
Specifications are as follows.
Length: 250mm
Weight: 65g
Type: Sinking

Monday, March 13, 2017

Fishing Report - 13/3/2017

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam saw some good numbers of fish landed over the weekend.  Anglers commented on plenty of smaller Golden Perch being landed on shrimps.  Anglers fishing with lures landed had some reasonable success in the main basin.  Blades, mask vibes and plastics were the lures of choice for the lure anglers.  We received reports of several under sized Murray Cod on the move.  One angler landed a lovely 76cm Murray Cod on Saturday morning on a trolled hard body.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam remains consistent to that of previous weeks, with a few fish being landed from the bank.  Anglers reported on a few more Silver perch being landed than in previous weeks.  We received reports of some quality Golden Perch and smaller Murray Cod being landed on shrimps and worms.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River continues to fish well, with some lovely fish being landed over the past week.  We received reports of several Murray Cod being landed, with the best fish measuring approximately 90cm.  This fish was landed on a diving hard body.  Anglers fishing for Golden Perch in the town area saw some nice fish landed on both lures and bait.


Nories Jigging ZX

Australia Only.  A newly designed ZX which has more belly weight for vertical jigging in deep water.  The basic action is to let the lure sink to the bottom then use “lift and fall” action or straight slow retrieve to attract target fish.  There are two snap holes – the front for tight vibration and the rear for wide and irregular action. 


Size: 30mm
Weight: 4.9g
8 great colours

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fisging Report - 7/3/2017

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish well, with anglers having success on trolled hard body lures over the weekend.  We received several reports from anglers of legal sized Golden Perch being landed in approximately 12 to 15 feet of water.  Anglers fishing the deeper water in the main basin had success on tail spinners and blades.  Anglers landed plenty of smaller Golden Perch on bait in the main basin and along the southern bank.  We received two reports of legal sized Murray Cod landed, with the best measuring in excess of 70cm.  This fish was landed on a Smak hard body.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly is still producing some reasonable numbers on bait by anglers fishing from the bank.  Worms and crays are working well on both Golden and Silver Perch.  We received reports of several smaller Murray Cod on the move.  Spinnerbaits and trolling hard body lures landed a few larger Golden Perch from kayaks along the western bank.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River continues to fish well in the town area, with some quality Golden Perch being landed over the past week on both lures and bait.  Spinnerbaits are working well for the lures anglers, especially in the Mill Hole and upstream of Tiddlik.  There were also some nice fish landed in the Canningvale area.  Anglers have also reported on landing some big carp near the footy club.

MAROON DAM: Anglers at Maroon Dam landed plenty of smaller Bass over the weekend, with most fish being landed tight in the weed edge on a variety of lures.  We also received reports of a few quality Bass being landed on surface lures.  Anglers also landed a few nice fish on shrimps in the timbered area.


Storm 360 GT Searchbait

Designed to be fished anywhere, by anyone, of any skill level; the 360GT Searchbait from Storm is the ultimate confidence lure. With its big boot tail and supple PVC body design, the 360GT Searchbait kicks wildly and rolls side-to-side like a distressed minnow as it tries to escape. A body rolling scope of almost 180 degrees creates maximum flash during a standard retrieve. The soft body is matched to an ABS molded jig head complete with internal rattle and VMC coastal black hook.

The 360GT Searchbait includes one jig head rigged on one body, and two additional bodies per packet. Available in 3.5”, 4.5” or 5.5” models.

Features include:

  • VMC coastal black hook
  • Soft PVC body and big boot tail design
  • Kicks wildly and rolls side-to-side like a distressed minnow trying to escape
  • Life-like rattling jig head and body matched to perfection
  • 60-degree angle keeps the lure at the perfect angle
  • Easy to rig with entrance and exit holes indicated on lure body