Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fishing Report 28/8/18

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam commented on things being fairly quiet over the past week.  We received reports of a few anglers landing Golden Perch in the main basin on bait.  Blades were a little slower than previous weeks.  We received reports of a few more Murray Cod on the move, with a Toowoomba angler landing two legal size fish on trolled spinnerbaits.

MOOGERAH DAM: Anglers at Moogerah are landing some reasonable sized Golden Perch on both lures and bait, with afternoons being a little more successful than mornings.  Anglers targeting Bass are also landing some nice fish.  Numbers aren’t huge but the fish landed have been quality fish.  Spoons, blades and jerkbaits along the edges have all landed some nice fish.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a few better fish landed this week, with some solid Golden Perch being landed in the town area on hard body lures.  Anglers in the Cullendore area also reported on Golden Perch being active over the weekend, with some fish measuring up to 48cm in length.  The majority of the fish were landed on lures.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Fishing Report 22/8/2018

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam are reporting on reasonable numbers of Golden Perch being landed over the past week.  The windy weather conditions last weekend made things difficult for anglers.  Blades and soft vibes continue to work well for the lure anglers, particularly when fished in the deeper water.  Anglers are seeing the best results in the main basin just after lunch.  We received several reports of smaller Murray Cod on the move, some measuring up to 75cm in length.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers at Connolly commented on things being very quiet, with only a handful of legal sized fish being landed.  Most of these fish were landed from the bank on bait.  Kayak anglers casting along the western bank landed the odd Golden Perch on TN Jackalls.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine Rivers remains quiet on the fishing front.  Anglers fishing in the town area landed only the odd undersized Golden Perch in bait.  We received a few reports of Carp being removed from our waterways over the past week.  This is mainly due to drop in water levels.  The Killarney and western side of Warwick continue to be fairly quiet.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Fishing Report 14/8/2018

LESLIE DAM: Golden Perch at Leslie Dam continue to be very active, with several anglers landing some reasonable numbers over the past week.  The majority of these fish are being landed in approximately 5 to 6 metres of water.  Shrimps, worms, saltwater yabbies and small crays are working well for the bait anglers at the moment, with some nice Golden Perch being landed.  Some of these fish measured up to 50cm in length.  Anglers fishing lures continue to see the best results when being fished on the bottom.  Anglers targeting Murray Cod landed only a few smaller fish over the past week, with the best measuring 67cm and landed on a Obsession Spinnerbait.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly remains quiet mainly due to the windy weather conditions, with most anglers going home without a legal sized fish.  Anglers using bait landed the odd under sized fish along the eastern bank.  Kayak anglers didn’t see too much action either.
RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River continues to be quiet, with anglers only landing the odd fish in the town area.  Anglers fishing on the western side of town managed to land a few more fish than previous weeks.  Overall things remained very quiet.


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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fishing Report 7/8/2018

Leslie Dam: Leslie Dam remains consistent on last week and continues to be the best option for local anglers at the moment.  Anglers continue to land reasonable numbers of Golden Perch, with the majority of these fish being landed in the deeper water in the main basin.  The lure anglers are seeing the best results on sinking soft vibes and blades. Anglers fishing along the Washpool bank and around the boat ramps landed a few better fish on worms and saltwater yabbies.

Connolly Dam: Anglers at Connolly Dam landed a few legal sized Golden Perch and Silver Perch mid week along the eastern side of the dam.  Most of these fish were landed on bait. Anglers fishing from their kayaks over the weekend, reported on only a few legal sized Golden Perch being landed on trolled hard body lures.

Rivers and Creeks: Anglers fishing the Condamine River continue to report on things being slow at the moment.  We received a few reports of smaller Golden Perch being landed on the western side of town in the Pratten and Victoria Hill area.  Most anglers fishing in the town area went home empty handed.  Kayak anglers fishing in the Cullendore area landed a few better quality Golden Perch on spinnerbaits, with black and red working the best.