Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fishing Report 27/1/2015

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam has been fishing well over the past week or so.  We have had several reports of quality fish being landed over the weekend.  Local anglers had success on a variety of lures and bait.  Frozen shrimps, saltwater yabbies and worms all worked very well.  There were also some big Silver Perch landed over the weekend.  Most anglers commented on the quality of the fish that were landed over the weekend.  A Clifton angler landed 7 Golden Perch early on Monday morning while using a green and black Smak hard body.  TN60 Jackalls and Piranhas also accounted for some nice fish in the deeper water in the main basin.

CONNOLLY DAM:  Connolly Dam has been a little hit and miss, with anglers some anglers doing better than others.  There were a few fish landed over the weekend off the bank while using bait.  We had a report of a lovely 64cm Murray Cod landed on a JMH Spinnerbait.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: Moogerah Dam was very busy with boat traffic over the long weekend.  We received reports of most Bass being landed up towards the back of the dam.  Live shrimps accounted for some nice fish up near the big trees towards the southern end of the dam.  OSP Blitz's also accounted for a few quality Bass while being trolled through the timber.

RIVER AND CREEKS: With the clarity of the Condamine River on the improve, there has been several legal sized fish landed on lures over the past week.  Spinnerbaits have been very successful, with some lovely fish landed to the east of Warwick.  A Killarney angler caught and released two lovely legal sized Murray Cod on TT Spinnerbaits.


MIMIX – Shockwave buzzbait is the first product designed and produced under the “Pro Series”, designed and tested to suits the need for big bait!
MIMIX – Shockwave shape is uniquely designed to create maximum water splash and loud buzzing sound.
When it retrieves, the front part of the Shockwave will be slightly tilted up and the lower end of the body will be slightly lower, this design approaches is to maximize the water splash created from the front of the mouth and with the lower end of the body is basically designed to increases the hooks up rate!
The Shockwave can be use with both lower and higher retrieve speeds.
MIMIX – Shockwave is your answer to the big bait for big predatory fishes!
Recommended actions: Straight retrieve
Weight  32.5 g.
Length 8.0 cm.
Hook 2/0

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

FISHING REPORT - 13/1/2015

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam anglers have commented on things being a little slower over the past week.  There were still quality Golden Perch landed on a variety of lures.  Most of the fish being sounded were sitting in approximately 7 to 12 feet of water so shallow lures were more successful.  The bait anglers had success around the big rocks opposite the dam wall as well as up near the Black Boys.  We also received reports of 2 legal sized Murray Cod landed over the weekend with the biggest fish measuring 97cm.  This lovely fish was landed on an Aussie 200, with the other one falling to a green and black Hydrobug. 

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam was also a little steady with not too many reports of legal sized fish being landed.  One local angler managed to land a legal sized Murray Cod on a purple spinnerbait from a kayak.  There were also a few Silver and Golden Perch landed off the bank on live worms.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: Moogerah Dam has slowed a little with anglers having best success while trolling lures in approximately 15 feet of water in and around the timber.  One angler reported landing some fish while casting OSP High Pitchers along the points up towards the back of the dam.

RIVER AND CREEKS: The rivers and creeks around the Warwick area have started to clear up but numbers of legal sized fish haven't been huge.  Spinnerbaits have accounted for a few fish mainly due to their vibration.  We received reports of a legal sized Murray Cod being landed in the Murrays Bridge area.  There were also a few fish landed in the Mill Hole on Piranhas.  One local angler landed 2 nice Golden Perch on saltwater yabbies near Tiddalik.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fishing Report - 6/1/2015

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam has improved over the past week or so, with some quality Golden Perch being landed on a variety of lures.  Anglers had success while trolling TN60 Jackalls up towards the back of the dam.  There were also plenty of fish landed in the main basin.  One local angler had success on a Live Target Bait Ball lure, landing a 50cm Golden Perch as well as a legal sized Murray Cod.  We also had one local angler land a magnificent 94cm Murray Cod on a Jackall Pompadour off the bank. 

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly has also improved with anglers reporting on some nice fish over the holiday period.  There were two quality Murray Cod landed on spinnerbaits, both going well over 80cm.  There were also some nice Golden Perch landed on worms. 

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: The Bass at Moogerah are on the move, with tail spinners and spinnerbaits working well in the timbered area.  OSP High Pitchers proved to be very successful over the past few weeks. 

RIVER AND CREEKS: Our local rivers and creek systems have also produced some nice fish over the holiday period.  One local angler landed some quality Golden Perch in the Condamine in Warwick on hard body lures.  Anglers landed some lovely Golden Perch on Hydrobugs in the Stanthorpe area.  There were also some magnificent fish landed in the Ballandean area on purple Stumpjumpers.  Once the water clarity improves, the lure action will start to fire.  Exciting times ahead!!! 


The Jackall Pompadour is a walking topwater bait that mimics small amphibians, birds and large bugs as they crawl along the surface.  The Pompadour is engineered with metal wings that collapse as the lure is cast through the air and flare out upon hitting the water's surface. As you work the lure back to the boat, you'll be amazed at the manner in which this lure moves - it's is really quite astonishing how realistic its movements look.

The Jackall Pompadour creates a dual action as it is retrieved across the water's surface. Not only is it going side to side or splashing around, it's actually rolling as it wobbles back to the angler. The Pompadour creates a noticeable wake along the surface and it's rattle chambers inside are just another added bonus that creates an extra level of attraction.