Tuesday, November 25, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 25/11/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam has continued to fish extremely well over the past week or so.  Early morning and late afternoon have been the best times to try due to the hot weather conditions.  There have been some nice fish landed on both lures and bait.  Anglers have reported on landing some legal sized Murray Cod as well as some quality Golden Perch.  The lure anglers are having success on TN60 Jackalls, Little Rippers and Imakatsu Piranhas. The bait anglers are having success on live shrimp and saltwater yabbies.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam has been fishing very well also with anglers reporting on some nice fish on a variety of lures and live bait.  One local angler had success on Mask Vibes.  Anglers are also landing some nice fish on worms and saltwater yabbies.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: Both Bass dams have been fishing well with anglers picking up some nice fish.  Both dams has seen an increase in boating traffic due to the warmer weather conditions.  Anglers at Moogerah are having success while casting blades in the timbered area towards the back of the dam.  There were also several legal sized Bass landed in the mouth of the gorge.  One local angler at Maroon landed some quality Bass on Keitech Easy Shiners.

RIVER AND CREEKS: Anglers have landed some nice fish in our local rivers and creeks over the past week.  We have had reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed in the Condamine to the west of Warwick on spinnerbaits and hard body lures.  There was also a lovely Murray Cod landed in the Pratten area on a hard body.  Local anglers also picked up several Murray Cod and Golden Perch to the east of Warwick on Predateks and Oargees.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 18/11/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam fished quite well early on Saturday morning before the windy conditions started.  A local angler reported on landing some nice fish while casting Jackalls at the structure.  There were plenty quality Golden Perch landed  late last week, mainly on hard body lures and blades.  Live shrimps and salt water yabbies also worked well for the bait anglers.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam was probably a better options over the weekend as anglers could shelter themselves from the windy conditions.  There were a few nice Golden Perch landed on spinnerbaits and hard body lures, while the bait anglers picked up some nice Golden and Silver Perch on live shrimp and a few Catfish on worms.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: The Bluefin Lake Maroon Fish Classic was held last week.  From all reports it was another successful event with competitors landing some nice fish.  The weather conditions  were a bit harsh at times but everyone seemed to have an enjoyable weekend.  There was a lot of boat traffic at Moogerah due to this fishing competition at Maroon.  Anglers seemed to manage to pick up a few nice Bass up in the more sheltered areas.

RIVER AND CREEKS: Our local rivers and creeks continue to fish well.  However, the windy conditions over the weekend didn't do any favours for the fisherman.  There were still some nice Golden Perch landed in and around the Warwick town area.  The annual Warwick Carp Fishing Competition was held on the Condamine River on Sunday morning.  There were in excess of 100 registrations with approximately nine of these pests being removed from the river.  A big thank you must go to the organisers and supporters of this event.


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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fishing Report - 11/11/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish very well, with anglers landing fish all over the dam.  Hard body lures and blades are working well, with both trolling and casting methods working the best.  There were plenty of legal sized Golden Perch landed up near the Black Boys, Cod Alley and south of the dam wall.  One local angler reported on landing 22 legal sized Golden Perch on Imakatsu Piranhas.  There were also several legal sized Murray Cod over the weekend, with a Millmerran angler catching and releasing one estimated to weigh around 60 pound.  All types of bait worked, with anglers reporting on good numbers being landed.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is fishing very well at the moment.  Local anglers have reported on some good numbers being landed on both lures and bait.  Fish have been landed in various spots around the dam, with kayak based anglers picking up some nice fish while trolling hard body lures.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: Both dams are fishing very well at present.  There were some nice Bass landed in various spots at Moogerah over the weekend.  These fish were caught on a variety of lures, with blades, TN60 Jackalls and Imakatsu Piranhas working the best.

RIVER AND CREEKS: Our local rivers and creeks are fishing very well too.  There were good numbers of Golden Perch landed in and around the Warwick town area.  The majority of these fish were landed on hard body bibbed lures.  The Mill Hole produced some nice fish on mask vibes.  There were also some nice Golden Perch caught in the Dalrymple Creek in Allora.


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fishing Report - 4/11/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is still fishing very well despite the windy conditions over the weekend.  Things were slightly quieter on Saturday  due to these conditions.  There were reports from several anglers on bag limits being filled quite easily.  Golden Perch are very active with anglers landing fish on a variety of hard body lures and bait.  Anglers had success while trolling all over the dam, with the "Black Boys" being one of the more productive areas.  We also had reports of 2 legal Murray Cod  being landed over the weekend.  The best was 82cm and was landed on a TN60 Jackall.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam also saw some quality Golden Perch landed on saltwater yabbies, particularly on Sunday afternoon.  Anglers also reported on having success on spinnerbaits, while casting along the western bank.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: Both Bass dams are fishing well at present.  Maroon anglers had success earlier on in the week, with the best results coming from anglers using shrimp along the deeper drop-offs.  One angler also had success early on Sunday morning on OSP Bent Minnows.

RIVER AND CREEKS: The Condamine River continues to fish very well, with reports of several Murray Cod being landed during the past week.  There were three legal sized Cod caught in the town area on hard body lures.  Golden Perch have been very active as well, with quality fish being landed to the east of Warwick as well as Sandy Creek and Pratten.  These fish were landed on a variety of lures as well as bait.  Live shrimps worked the best for the bait anglers.


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