Monday, February 29, 2016

Fishing Report 29/2/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam anglers struggled to land fish over the weekend due to the strong wind conditions.  We received reports of some nice Silver Perch being landed off the bank in the main basin on shrimps.  Some of these fish measured up to 44cm in length.  There were also a few Golden Perch landed late on Sunday afternoon of a mixture of lures and bait.  One local angler landed five Golden Perch while casting mask vibes in the deeper water.  We also received reports of a few legal sized Golden Perch being landed on trolled hard body lures.  Anglers are reporting on plenty of big Catfish being landed on bait.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam has been a bit slow over the past week, with most anglers finding it a little tough.  One local Freestone angler landed a lovely 59cm Golden Perch on a saltwater yabby late on Sunday afternoon.  Midweek saw a few Golden Perch landed off the bank on crays.  There were a few smaller Murray Cod on the move, with the larger fish being tight lipped.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a few fish being landed over the past week, with the eastern side of Warwick being the most productive.  We received reports of some nice Golden Perch being landed around Killarney on spinnerbaits.  A local Killarney angler also landed a 67cm Murray Cod on a surface lure in the town area.  Campers at Pratten also landed some big Carp on corn, as well as the odd Golden Perch on worms.

MOOGERAH DAM: Moogerah Dam has been fishing reasonably well, with midweek anglers landing some lovely Bass and Golden Perch on live shrimps in the main basin just off the weed bank.  Spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits have been landing some solid Bass in the timbered area.



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Monday, February 22, 2016

Fishing Report - 22/2/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is a little slow at the moment, with only a few fish being landed over the past week.  Frozen and live shrimps accounted for a few Golden Perch on Sunday afternoon in the main basin on the southern side of the wall.  Campers at the dam also landed a few legal sized Silver and Golden Perch off the bank on worms and shrimps.  Trolling hard body lures around the main basin also accounted for a few Golden Perch.  One angler landed 3 Golden Perch on Sunday on a Storm Arashi Deep 10.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam anglers had the best success in the latter part of the week.  A Warwick angler caught and released a healthy 70cm Murray Cod on a spinnerbait on Sunday arfternoon while fishing from his tinny.  Anglers also reported on a few Golden Perch being landed on lipless crankbaits when fished close to the weed pockets.  TN60 Jackalls and Atomic Vib 60’s are a couple of lures that are working quite well at the moment.  Worms and small crays also accounted for a few Golden Perch over the weekend.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a bit more action, with reports of a few legal sized Murray Cod landed over the weekend.  Anglers fishing in the Killarney area had some success on lures, both diving and surface.  We also received reports of legal sized Golden Perch being landed on crays.  There were a few more fish landed between Wheatvale and Pratten.  One local angler landed a couple of smaller Murray Cod on surface, while also landing a few Golden Perch on Bassman Twinspins Spinnerbaits.



Congratulations to Sean Haynes, Cody Haynes and James Buchner on competing in the BASS Australia Nation Glenbawn Challenge last weekend.  Congratulations to James on taking out “Big Bass” for the competition and taking home $500 worth of prizes for his effort.  Well done guys.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Fishing Report - 15/2/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam experienced a slight increase in numbers, with a few more fish being landed on bait from the bank.  We received reports of some legal sized Silver Perch being landed on Sunday afternoon on worms.  The most successful area was just north of the concrete boat ramp.  We also received reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed on shrimps in the shallow water up near the “Black Boys”.  Anglers trolling hard body lures landed some nice fish along the eastern bank in the main basin.  Predatek Boomerang 65 and Oargee Pee-Wees worked well for the lure anglers.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam continues to fish well, with some anglers landing some legal sized Golden Perch.  TN60 Jackalls seem to be working well, with bright colours being the most successful.  We received a report of a legal sized Murray Cod, measuring 68cm, was landed on a Storm Arashi hard body.  There were also some nice Silver Perch landed on worms and saltwater yabbies.

MOOGERAH / MAROON DAM: Moogerah has turned a little quiet, with anglers reporting on only a few Bass being landed on lures.  Blades and trolled hard body lures are the best option at present.  We received reports of a few Bass being landed on shrimps in the timbered area.  Overall, things were fairly quiet.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River didn’t see too many fish landed over the past week.  Anglers fishing in the area between Killarney and Murray’s Bridge experienced the best results while using spinnerbaits.  We received reports of a few fish being landed in the Dalrymple Creek, just to the east of Allora.  Live crays accounted for some Golden Perch and Eel-tail Catfish in the Goomburra area.



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Monday, February 8, 2016

Fishing Report - 8/2/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam remains reasonably slow, with not too many fish landed over the weekend mainly due to the poor weather conditions.  Anglers landed a few Golden Perch late on Sunday afternoon.  Most of these fish were landed on bait, with shrimps being the most successful in the main basin. There was also the odd Silver Perch landed on worms.  Conditions were fairly slow for the lure anglers.  We received reports of a few fish being in the deeper water on blades and mask vibes.  Overall, things were a little quiet.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam fished well, with some anglers filling their bag limit on Sunday.  Connolly is a great option when weather conditions are windy as you can find protection out of the wind in many of the coves located around the dam.  Two local anglers landed over 20 Golden Perch on Sunday while using TN60 Jackalls.  These anglers located the fish on their sounders.  Most of these fish were landed in approximately 15 to 20 foot of water.  We also received reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed from the bank on bait.  Small crays seemed to work the best when fished hard on the weed edge.

MOOGERAH / MAROON DAM: Moogerah remains fairly consistent, with some great Bass being landed in the deeper water on blades.  We also received reports of Bass being landed in the timbered area on trolled hard body lures. Smak Brolga’s seemed to work well for lure anglers.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The local River and Creek systems are certainly worth a try, as there has been some quality fish landed over the past few days in the town area.  We received reports of Golden Perch landed at the Junabee Road Bridge on bait.  We received reports of a few fish being landed in the section between Scots Weir and Tiddalik, as well as downstream of the Wallace Street Bridge.  There were also a few nice fish landed near the Lyndhurst Lane Bridge during the week.



In today’s lure market, it is hard to come by something that really gets me excited. However, the new Atomic Hardz Vib is an exception- this lipless crank has been designed and refined from the bottom up to ensure that it will be a standout product. It has already proven itself on a host of species .
The Atomic Hardz Vib was
designed with a holistic approach to ensure that every base was covered, but I would just like to focus on a few points of distinction that I have noticed with the product.

1. Weight Distribution. The Hardz Vib is perfectly balanced, with a forward weight system that can be seen to make up the nose/lower lip of the lure. While swimming the lure, this pulls the nose down and combined with the flattened head produces an enticingly slow wobble at extremely slow retrieve speed. This feature will enable and encourage anglers to fish the Vib at slower speeds which is typically a key to successful bass and yellowbelly luring. 

2. Gross Weight. Hitting the scales at 10.4grams, the Hardz Vib is slightly lighter than most of its competition. This also contributes to encouraging a slower retrieve, but also enhances the free falling action of the lure, as it will sink slower and maintain an attractive action on the drop. Most bass and yellowbelly anglers will vouch for ‘pausing’ a lure mid retrieve; the Atomic Hardz Vib will excel at drawing strikes during this as it tantalisingly descends past its predator’s eyes.

3. Proven Colours. The Atomic Hardz line are a proven lure range across many species- the colours have been tried and tested so rest assured all the colours available in the Hardz Vib are strong contenders. The wide variety of both natural and psychedelic colours means that there will an option to suit any conditions you’re faced with.

4. Rattle or Silent. We all know that a rattling lure is a great way to call fish and draw bites, but from time to time, the fish will not respond to rattling lures, particularly on pressured waterways or faced with finicky specimens. In such instances, opting for a silent model can be the key to success. A good tip for when fishing with a partner is to have the lead caster using a rattler and the follow up use a silent- as the rattle can often work a teaser but not necessarily make a fish commit.

5. Components and Build. The Atomic Hardz Vib is equipped with quality componentry and has a sturdy construction that will even be able to tame trophy specimens. It’s an Australian designed and owned lure that meets the demands of Australian fish and our rugged waterways.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fishing Report - 3/2/2016

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam landed a few fish over the weekend.  Numbers weren't great, mainly due to the windy weather conditions.  Bait seemed to work a little better than lures, with one local angler landing 6 legal sized Golden Perch early on Sunday morning in the main basin on shrimps.  We also received reports of a few quality Silver Perch being landed on worms from the bank towards the northern end of the dam.  There were also a few Catfish landed on bait.  Trolling hard body lures saw a few anglers picking up a few fish.  A Stanthorpe angler landed a 64cm Murray Cod and 2 legal sized Golden Perch  on Sunday afternoon.  These fish were landed on a Southern Cross Jackass.

CONNOLLY DAM Anglers at Connolly Dam have landed some nice fish over the past week, with silent TN50 Jackalls working well for the lure anglers.  The most successful spot was up towards the wall of the dam.  Worms and shrimps worked well for the bait 

Anglers when fished hard on the weed edge.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: Moogerah Dam is currently fishing well, with some anglers landing some quality fish.  There are several small schools of Bass located around the dam at present.  Anglers fishing with Blades are seeing the best results, with OSP,Littlemax and Jackall Blades working the best.  There were also a few fish landed on tail spinners.

RIVER AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is fishing well, with several anglers having success over the weekend.  Most anglers commented on some heavy weed in places.   We Received reports of legal sized fish coming from the Mill Hole and upstream towards the High School.  There were also a few nice fish landed near the Wallace Street Bridge.  A local angler managed to land a 92cm Murray Cod near the Oak Tree Retirement Village on bait.  We also received reports from kayak anglers landing some quality Golden Perch on the eastern side of Warwick on darker coloured spinnerbaits.


The original OMEN Black rods launched 13 Fishing into the spotlight. Now the new generation OMEN Black looks to raise the bar once again.

Featuring an entirely new design from the ground up, the new OMEN Black utilizes a new PVG (Poly Vector Graphite) technology increasing strength and durability through reducing the ovalization of the blank under load. PVG allows precise control of the fibre alignment in the blank rolling process, maximising vibration transfer creating one of the most sensitive rods we’ve ever built. New Evolve ENGAGE reel seats are more comfortable, delivering better control and a more refined feel. ALPS stainless steel framed guides are tough and durable, while the new Double Diamond inserts are smoother again, guiding line effortlessly along the blank resulting in longer casts. The new OMEN Black - Excellence prevails.