Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fishing Report 29/1/19

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam reported on the fishing being a little slower than previous weeks.  Anglers trolling in front of the Washpool landed a few larger Golden Perch on hard body lures.  Anglers using bait reported on the odd legal sized Golden Perch being landed on shrimps and worms.  We received reports of several Catfish being landed on bait.  Anglers reported on a few smaller Murray Cod being landed, with some measuring up to 75cm in length.
CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly remains consistent on previous weeks, with a few legal sized fish being landed along the bank on worms and crays.  Anglers fishing from kayaks are experiencing success while casting spinnerbaits in the northern end of the dam.
CONDAMINE RIVER: Anglers reported on a few fish being landed over the long weekend.  Anglers fishing to the eastern side of town had the best results on lures, with reports of several smaller Murray Cod being landed.  Anglers fishing in the town area also landed a few legal sized Golden Perch.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fishing Report 15/1/2019

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam have been landing some lovely Murray Cod over the past week, with several of these fish measuring well over the 1 metre mark.  The largest of these fish measured 110cm in length.  Anglers are having success while trolling and casting spinnerbaits and hard body lures.  Anglers continue to land a few Golden Perch on both lures and bait, with afternoons proving to be the most successful.  We also received several reports of plenty of Catfish on the move.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly saw a few fish being landed over the weekend, with anglers fishing from boats or kayaks having a little more success than the land based anglers.  Anglers trolling hard body lures along the western edges of the dam landed some quality Golden Perch and smaller Murray Cod.  Worms have been the most successful for the anglers using bait, with some legal sized Golden and Silver Perch being reported.

CONDAMINE RIVER: The Condamine River is fishing quite well at the moments, with anglers landing some lovely fish.  We received reports from Killarney, Murrays Bridge and Pratten areas of some nice Golden Perch on the move.  Anglers also continue to land some quality fish in various spots around Warwick.