Monday, October 31, 2016

Fishing Report - 31/10/2016

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam reported on plenty of small Golden Perch being landed on trolled lures towards the back end of the dam.  Anglers casting blades and TN60 Jackalls landed a few larger fish in the main basin while casting the structure.  Bait anglers also had some reasonable success while fishing from both the boat and from the bank.  Two local anglers filled their bag limits on shrimps and saltwater yabbies on Saturday afternoon before the storm.  The most successful spot was across from the Washpool.  Anglers reported on a few Murray Cod on the move, with reports of several smaller fish being landed over the weekend.

CONNOLLY DAM: There was several quality Golden Perch landed at Connolly Dam over the weekend, some measuring in excess of 50cm.  The kayak anglers landed some nice fish while trolling deep diving hard body lures.  Smak Brolgas worked quite well.  We received a few reports of some quality Golden Perch landed from the bank on shrimps and crays.  Anglers also commented on some nice Silver Perch being landed.  There were also some smaller Murray Cod landed on both bait and lures.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River fished well in the town area, with several good sized Golden Perch being landed over the weekend.  The bait fishermen landed some solid Golden Perch downstream of the Scots Weir.  We also received reports of Golden Perch being landed upstream of the Mill Hole.  We also received reports from Clifton on some quality Golden Perch being landed in Kings Creek on Sunday afternoon on saltwater yabbies.  We also received reports of some nice fish being coming out of the Dalrymple Creek in the Allora area.
Curado 70XG
For 25 years now, the Curado continues to be the go-to baitcasting reel for Bass, Murray Cod and Barramundi.  Now offered with a new compact Hagane Body and a new model size perfect for pitching, flipping and casting lighter lures, the Curado 70 also features an enhanced SVS Infinity braking system designed for finesse and flipping techniques. X-Ship Technology provides even more smoothness and durability – just as anglers have expected from Curado reels for more than two decades.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fishing Report - 24/10/2016

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam have landed some quality Golden Perch over the past week and into the weekend.  Some anglers reported on good numbers of fish being landed on lures.  One local angler filled his bag limit of Golden Perch while casting TN60 Jackalls around the Black Boys.  Mid week anglers also reported on a few more fish being landed on trolled hard body hures.  We received a report from a Gatton Angler who landed a lovely 76cm Murray Cod on a Kezza Mudmouse while trolling the main basin on Friday afternoon.  Anglers fishing from the bank also reported on some reasonable fish being landed over the weekend.  Bait anglers saw big numbers of Golden Perch landed, mainly in the northern end of the dam on saltwater yabbies and shrimps.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is fishing reasonably well at present, with some solid Golden Perch being landed on lures from the bank.  Anglers are also experiencing some success on saltwater yabbies, with some quality Golden and Silver Perch being landed over the weekend.  A local angler managed to land three legal sized Golden Perch on Saturday morning while fishing from his kayak.  These fish fell to a black ZX Blade in the weed pockets.  We received several reports of smaller Murray Cod being on the move.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is starting to clear a little, which has seen a few more fish being landed on lures.  Spinnerbaits are working a little better that hard body lures at the moment.  We received reports of some nice Golden Perch being landed in Killarney, Murrays Bridge and Canningvale.  There were also some nice fish landed downstream of the Wallace Street bridge on crays.

MAROON DAM: Marron saw some quality Bass landed over the weekend.  Most of these fish were landed close to the weed and lily pads on soft plastics and Jackall Squirrel 61.



Jackall Squirrel 61SP

The Squirrel jerkbait range has got every situation covered. The Jackall Squirrel has a plethora of diving depths and floating, suspending or sinking models, Squirrels also come in rattling and silent. Their tight wobble, combined with a stop-go retrieve, mimicks the action of an injured or frightened minnow shape baitfish.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Fishing Report 17/10/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam remains consistent with some quality Golden Perch being landed over the past week and into the weekend.  The windy conditions made it difficult to fish the open water in the main basin.  We received reports of Golden Perch being landed on a variety of lures.  Anglers trolling hard body lures (diving to approximately 15 foot) landed some nice Golden Perch between Cod Alley and the “Black Boys”.  Campers at the Washpool also reported on some nice Golden and Silver Perch being landed from the bank on worms and saltwater yabbies.  We received a report of a 72cm Murray Cod landed on a trolled spinnerbait in the rocky area opposite the dam wall.  Blades and mask vibes accounted for a few Golden Perch in the main basin.  There were reports of a few small Murray Cod also on the move.

CONNOLLY DAM: Silver Perch at Connolly Dam were active over the weekend, with some solid fish being landed, some measuring 46cm in length.  One local angler landed four Silver Perch and two Golden Perch on a worm and saltwater yabby cocktail while fishing from the bank on Friday afternoon.  We also received reports of a few quality Golden Perch being landed on bait as well as anglers casting crankbaits from the bank.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: Anglers fishing the Condamine River below the Bacon Factory landed a few legal sized Golden Perch on shrimps on Saturday afternoon.  These anglers also removed six big European Carp removed from the river.  A young Warwick angler landed a lovely 42cm Golden Perch from his kayak upstream of the Scots Weir on Sunday morning.  Anglers are also reporting on some quality Golden Perch being landed in and around the Stanthorpe area, with bait anglers seeing the best results.  The Macintyre Brook, around the Inglewood area, is also fishing reasonably well.  The water level in the Brook fluctuates with water from Coolmunda Dam.


Nasci Spinning Reel

Imagine taking some of the best features of Shimano’s legendary Symetre, Aernos and Technium spin reels, combining them into one super spin reel series with some high tech’ accoutrements — well that’s what you get with the new Nasci spin. There are five reels in the lineup, from the 1000 size for fine line finesse work in freshwater and the estuaries, right up to the saltwater standard 5000 with its generous braided line capacity and powerful gearing. All feature X-Ship, where the pinion gear is supported by bearings for better cranking power and torque, Coreprotect, which is a water repellent surface treatment on the line roller and clutch roller, and they all have G-Free bodies, so the centre of gravity is moved closer to the rod and the worm drive oscillates at a slower rate for more compact line lay. The big inclusion for a reel at this price point though, is the cold-forged Hagane Gear, where improved mesh transition leads to increased strength and durability. Gear ratios are pretty sharp too, at 5.0:1 for the 1000 and 2500 model, 6.2:1 for the 3000, 4000 and 5000 - all delivered via a machined aluminium handle.