Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Fishing Report 27/2/2018

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam remains quiet with not too many anglers reporting on big numbers.  Most bait anglers struggled to reach double figures even though there were plenty of fish sitting in around 7.5 metres of water.  They just wouldn’t bite.  Anglers trolling from the Washpool to the Black Boys managed to land the odd fish.  Blades and mask vibes continue to be the most successful lure for casting.  Anglers reported on several small Murray Cod on the move.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers fishing from the bank landed a few better fish, with some big Silver Perch being landed on worms.  Anglers fishing the weed also landed a few Golden Perch on shrimps and yabbies.  Anglers trolling TN60 Jackalls from their kayaks along the western bank reported on Golden Perch being landed over the weekend.
RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a few more fish being landed than last week, particularly for the lure anglers.  A local angler caught and released a legal sized Murray Cod upstream of the O O Madsen Bridge on a Stumpjumper.  Anglers also reported on a few more Golden Perch being landed between the Mill Hole and Warwick High on spinnerbaits and mumblers.  Anglers fishing in the Lyndhurst and Pratten areas reported in the Golden Perch being quite active, with spinnerbaits being the lure of choice.

Live Target Field Mouse

Specs include:

  • Imitates a field mouse scurrying across lily pads and grass mats. 
  • Perfect for Murray Cod stalking in heavy cover. 
  • Custom double hook.
  • Soft plastic. 
  • Excellent hook-up ratios. 
  • Weedless. 
  • Easy to walk. 
  • ICAST "Best of Show" winner 2011.
When using:

·         Create a walking action using a twitch, pause, wind-like retrieve.  Concentrate on twitching the line (3' in front of rod tip vs twitching the lure).
·         Pop / Chug the lure using a twitch, wind-like retrieve.
·         Cast the lure into lilly pads, over grass mats and other vegetation. 
·         Look to pull the lure over open holes in the cover.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Fishing Report 19/2/2018

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is fairly quiet for this time of year, with not too many bag limits being filled.  We received reports of smaller Golden Perch being on the move in the main basin, with bait anglers landing a few in the afternoons.  Shrimps seemed to be the most successful form of bait.  Anglers hopping or jigging blades continue to pick up the odd better quality Golden Perch, mainly in the main basin.  Anglers targeting Murray Cod are finding things a little tough at present, with reports of a few smaller fishing being landed on spinnerbaits.  The best of these fish measured in at 64cm and was landed on Friday afternoon by an angler from Gatton.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River remains fairly consistent with previous weeks, with anglers fishing on the eastern side of town seeing the best results.  Numbers haven’t been great in town, however an angler from Toowoomba managed to pick up a few smaller Golden Perch upstream of the O O Madsen Bridge on a Whiptail Pig on Friday afternoon.  Anglers fishing from their kayaks in the Murrays Bridge area reported on landing a few nice Golden perch on TN60 Jackalls.

COOLMUNDA DAM: Anglers fishing at Coolmunda are landing a few better quality fish, with reports of two legal sized Murray Cod being landed over the past week.  Both of these fish were landed on bright coloured lures in under 6 foot if water.  We also received reports of a few legal sized Golden Perch being landed on shrimps along the creek.


Westin “Ricky the Roach”

You can fish him as if he hasn't got a care in the world, or as if he's in a fearful flap. Either way, Ricky is the most-wanted roach in the water. Predators are drawn to his positive swimming action, and driven wild by his trembling fins. Poor old Ricky triggers a bite wherever he goes.
·                        Lead-Free
·                        Japanese-Style #2 Carbon Steel Hook
·                        Running Depth: 1-3m
·                        Slide Lock Easy To Change Connection
·                        Life-Like Lure
·                        Full Eyelet-To-Hook Wire Connection

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fishing Report 13/2/2018

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam saw a slight improvement over the past week, with a few more reports of Golden Perch being landed.  These fish were mainly landed on bait in the main basin and around the Black Boys.  Shrimps and saltwater yabbies continue to work the best, with afternoons proving to be the most successful time of day, particularly for the bait anglers.  Over the weekend, early morning anglers landed a few better quality Golden Perch while trolling hard body lures in approximately 15 feet of water along the Washpool and into Cod Alley.  Blades and mask vibes worked well when fished in the deeper water.

CONNOLLY DAM: There were a few legal sized Golden Perch and Silver Perch landed at Connolly Dam, mainly on bait along the eastern bank.  Numbers were down a little on previous weeks, but some of the fish landed were quality fish.  There were reports over the past week of a few smaller Murray Cod on the move.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River in the town area is in desperate need of a fresh, which would help to remove the thick weed in places.  Kayak anglers fishing upstream of the Mill Hole to the bottom of the High School landed a few Golden Perch.  Anglers continue to see the best results on the eastern side of town, with a report of a lovely 70cm Murray Cod being landed on a Bassman spinnerbait.


Congratulations to Cody Haynes, Sean Haynes and James Buchner for competing in last weekend’s Australia Bass Nation Glenbawn Challenge.  Well done boys.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Fishing Report 5/2/2018

Leslie Dam: Leslie Dam continues to be a little quiet, with no big numbers being reported this week.  This was mainly due to the wet and windy weather conditions, particularly over the weekend.  Bait anglers are landing some smaller sized Golden Perch in the main basin on shrimps and worms.  We also received several reports of plenty of catfish on the move.  There were also some smaller Golden Perch landed while casting TN60 Jackalls and blades.  Kayak anglers also reported on a few small Murray Cod being landed while trolling spinnerbaits.

Connolly Dam: Connolly Dam remains consistent on previous weeks, with the fishing being a little hit and miss.  Anglers landed a few better Golden and Silver Perch from the bank on bait.  Bright coloured hard body lures and smaller spinnerbaits prove to be the most successful at the moment.

Rivers and Creeks: There were some legal sized Golden Perch landed in the Condamine River in the town area, particularly upstream of Scots Weir.  Anglers fishing from their kayaks landed some nice fish, with a legal sized Murray Cod being landed on a spinnerbait.  There were a few Golden Perch landed on lures and saltwater yabbies in the Mill Hole.  We also received reports from anglers fishing on the eastern side of Warwick having reasonable success, landing some nice Golden Perch and a couple of legal sized Murray Cod.