Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fishing Report - 31/5/2016

LESLIE DAM: Golden Perch at Leslie Dam remain active, with anglers reporting on some quality fish being landed over the past week.  One Stanthorpe angler landed over 20 Golden Perch early on Friday morning on crayfish tails.  Frozen shrimps also accounted for some reasonable Golden Perch with two locals landing 9 legal sized fish late on Sunday afternoon. Anglers fishing with lures reported on things being a little slower than previous weeks.  Blades and mask vibes accounted for a few legal sized Golden Perch in the deeper water in the main basin.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam saw some reasonable Silver Perch and Golden Perch landed off the bank over the weekend.  Bait proved to be the most successful, with some quality Golden Perch being landed on saltwater yabbies and shrimps. Numbers haven’t been huge, but there have been some quality fish landed.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River didn’t see too many fish landed.  There was some quality fish landed on the eastern side of town, with some legal sized Golden Perch being landed in the Killarney area through to Murrays Bridge.  We received reports of a 72cm Murray Cod landed on a Jackall Pompadour in the Dalrymple Creek in the Goomburra area.

MOOGERAH DAM: The bass at Moogerah Dam are still holding in the weed beds and around the timber.  Anglers fishing the schooled fish on the flat are having the best success on blades and soft plastics.  Campers reported on some good numbers being landed on bait in the timber, with afternoons proving to be the most successful.


Lucky Craft Sammy Bug 75

The birth of an evolved classic topwater lure has arrived! The cup is intentionally set loose so it creates continuous vibration similar to a buzzbait creating metal-like sounds that a cod  can not ignore! The propeller on its tail creates an irregular undertow to emphasize its presence. Another appealing function is its weight of 3/4oz (23g), which makes it possible to long cast. This topwater bait swims freely in the surface area and became one of the most ideal form created.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fishing Report - 24/5/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam saw some reasonable numbers of Golden Perch landed over the weekend, with some anglers landing quality Golden Perch off the bank.  The most successful areas were in front of the Washpool Camping Reserve and near the Ski Club.  Shrimps, worms and saltwater yabbies all caught fish, with bag limits being filled quite easily.  Anglers reported on a few smaller legal sized Murray Cod being landed mid week, mainly on spinnerbaits.  Campers reported on landing a few Golden Perch while trolling in front of the Washpool.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers at Connolly Dam reported on some large Silver Perch being landed during the week, with worms working the best.  Anglers also landed the odd Golden Perch on saltwater yabbies over the weekend.  One Allora angler had success on black and gold Squidgies Fish.  He landed four legal sized Golden Perch while fishing hard in the weed.  We received two reports of legal sized Murray Cod being landed on saltwater yabbies.  These fish measured 80cm and 67cm.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River continues to fish well, with several anglers landing legal sized Golden Perch over the past week.  The western side of town saw some nice fish landed, with reports coming in from Sandy Creek and Pratten.  We also received reports of Golden Perch being landed below Scots Weir.

MOOGERAH DAM: Moogerah Dam saw some quality Bass landed over the weekend, with most of the fish being in the weed.  Afternoons seem to be more successful than mornings, with soft plastics and tail spinners landing fish when kept on the bottom of the dam.


Jackall “Mikey” Lures

The Mikey is a very versatile bait, if you hold your rod tip up it can be fished on the surface and will create a big wake. Or if you hold your rod tip down it can dive down to 3 feet deep and swim like a real fish. The Mikey is perfect bait to attract feeding Murray Cod.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fishing Report 17/5/2016

LESLIE DAM: Anglers have reported on plenty of fish on the move at Leslie Dam, mainly due to the beautiful weather conditions over the weekend.  The bait anglers had the most success, with some lovely Golden Perch being landed in various spots over the dam.  There were reports of some quality fish being landed from the bank north of the concrete boat ramps.  Frozen shrimps, saltwater yabbies and smaller crays worked the best for the bait anglers.  There were also some big Catfish landed on worms.  Blades seemed to be the lure of choice for the lure anglers, with some quality fish landed in the deeper water in the main basin.  One local angler managed to land four legal sized Golden Perch and an undersized Murray Cod on Sunday afternoon on an OSP Blade.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam continues to fish well with some quality fish being landed over the weekend.  One local angler reported on landing his bag limit of Golden Perch on shrimps and worms from the bank.  We also received reports of two legal sized Murray Cod being landed, with one local angler landing a lovely 67cm in the middle of the day on a saltwater yabby.  The other Cod was landed on a mask vibe.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is in need of a fresh to clear off the duckweed, however it continues to produce a few nice fish.  We received a couple of reports of legal sized Murray Cod being landed on spinnerbaits around the Pratten area.  In the town area, there were some large Golden Perch on the Mill hole, with one fish weighing in just short of 7 pound.  The stretch of water between Scots Weir and OO Madsen Bridge also produced a few smaller Golden perch.

STORM KING DAM: Storm King continues to fish well, with anglers landing some quality fish over the past week.  There were plenty of Golden and Silver Perch on the move, with bait proving to be the most successful.


LEWS Baitcaster Reels

Like its freshwater BB2 cousin, the Inshore wide-model baitcast reel holds more line; it has a line capacity of up to 190 yards of 14-pound test. The reel makes for longer casts, plus handles the runs of powerful reds. The reel’s placement of an oversized silver titanium-coated line guide further away from the spool minimizes line friction and adds to casting distance.

Features include:

  • One-piece all aluminum frame and handle sideplate with three external drain ports of frame
  • Braid ready, machined forged, double anodized, deep capacity, aluminum spool
  • High strength brass gearing for durability
  • Premium 8 bearing system with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings and Zero-Reverse anti-reverse
  • Externally-adjustable Multi-Setting Brake (MSB) dual cast control system utilizing both an external click-dial for setting the magnetic brake, plus 4 individually disengaging, disk-mounted internal brake shoes that operate on centrifugal force
  • Double anodized aluminum spool tension knob with audible click
  • Rugged carbon fibre drag system that provides up to 14 lb. of drag power
  • Audible click bowed anodized metal star drag
  • Bowed 95MM anodized aluminum crankin handle with New EVA power handle knobs
  • Oversized silver titanium line guide positioned farther from the spool to minimize line friction and maximize casting performance
  • Quick release sideplate mechanism provides easy access to spool and centrifugal brake system
  • External lube port

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fishing Report - 9/5/2016

LESLIE DAM: Golden Perch at Leslie Dam are still quite active, with several anglers having success over the past week and into the weekend.  Most fish are in the deeper water, with the main basin fishing quite well.  Local anglers trolling hard body lures around Cod Alley and the Black Boys also managed a few nice fish.  One family landed 6 legal sized Golden Perch on Sunday afternoon on a Southern Cross Jackass and a Little Ripper.  There are still plenty of catfish being landed on worms and some nice Golden Perch on frozen shrimps near the Ski Club.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam has also been fishing quite well, with some lovely Golden Perch being landed on both bait and lures.  One local angler fishing from his kayak managed to land several Golden Perch on TN60 Jackalls while casting the deeper water on the western side of the dam.  Worms accounted for some Silver Perch, with reports of smaller Cod on the move.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: With the warmer weather sticking around for a bit longer, the Golden Perch in the Condamine River are still fairly active.  One local angler landed 2 quality Golden Perch on Saturday morning upstream of the Mill hole on spinnerbaits.  Anglers are reporting of some large Carp being removed from the river just below the Bacon Factory.  Anglers fishing around the Pratten area also landed some nice Golden Perch.

STORM KING DAM: Storm King Dam is fishing well, with locals landing good numbers of Golden Perch over the past week or so.  Cray tails are working well and at the end of last week it wasn’t too hard to fill your bag limit.  We also received reports of a few smaller Murray Cod being landed on spinnerbaits.



Westin Swim 120

The Westin Swim is easy to cast and fish on a normal spinning rod as well as a light jerkbait set-up. It is a perfect long casting lure and it has a unique S-shaped swimming pattern. Try a fast retrieve in warmer water or a really slow retrieve when it is very cold. You can also try occasional spin stops and Westin Mini Swim can even be fished by twitching it or using small, gentle jerk movements.

It is a great lure when targeting Murray Cod.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Fishing Report - 3/5/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam saw some good numbers of Golden Perch landed over the weekend, with the majority of the fish being landed on Sunday morning.  One Toowoomba angler caught and released over 20 Golden Perch in the main basin on ZX Blades.  Shrimps were also quite successful in the deeper water.  Anglers also reported on big numbers of Eel Tail Catfish being landed, with worms proving to be the most successful.  There were good numbers landed on the bank at the southern end of the main basin opposite the Washpool Camping Reserve.  Four anglers from Allora landed 15 Catfish, 4 Golden Perch and a handful of Silver Perch on Sunday afternoon.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam was a little quiet this week, with anglers landing the odd fish on bait.  Saltwater yabbies and small crays worked the best while fishing the weed edges, particularly towards the southern end of the dam.  One lucky Clifton angler landed a 72cm Murray Cod on a wood grub.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a few legal sized Golden Perch landed over the long weekend, with several nice sized Golden Perch being landed in the town area.  Anglers had success at Scots Weir, below the High School and around the Wallace Street Bridge.  There were also a few under sized Murray Cod landed on spinnerbaits, with silver blades and white/red skirts being a successful combination.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: There were plenty of Bass landed at Moogerah over the weekend, with shrimps being the most successful.  The timbered area up towards the back of the dam was a spot that fished well.  We also received reports of fish being landed in the gorge and in the main basin on blades, plastics and ice-jigs.


Jackall Chibitarel

The Chibitarel is fast becoming a go to lure for Murray Cod and Barra fisherman. It’s natural swimming action and ability to turn backwards on itself when softly twitched is irresistible to big cod and barra in clear water situations where the fish get a good look at the lure.
Adding a chin weight can send the Chibitarel to any depth you wish. A high rod tip retrieve will have it waking the surface and a low tip will make it swim to up to a meter down.