Tuesday, December 9, 2014

FISHING REPORT - 9/12/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is still fishing very well with local anglers reporting on some great catches.  One local angler landed 30 lovely Golden Perch while trolling small hard body lures.  Fish are being landed all over the dam, anglers landing good fish across from the dam wall and up the back of the dam past the Black Boys.  The bait anglers are having success on a variety of bait with Saltwater yabbies landing some nice fish.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is fish well too.  One local angler has been having success on TN70 Jackalls.  The majority of the fish are being landed along the steep edges.  Bait anglers are also landing some nice Golden and Silver Perch on worms.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: Moogerah Dam continues to fish well with anglers picking up some nice Bass on a variety of lures.  Tail spinners and blades have been accounting of a large percentage of these fish, with anglers also some picking up some nice fish in the timber on spinnerbaits.  Maroon has also been fishing quite well, with shrimps being quite successful.  Soft plastics sliders have been working very well for the lure anglers.

RIVER AND CREEKS: Anglers are having great success in our local river and creek systems.  One local angler landed a lovely Murray Cod in the Killarney area on a Stumpjumper.  The Mill Hole has also produced some nice fish, with anglers landing some lovely Golden Perch while trolling hard body lures.  There was also a very healthy 65cm Murray Cod landed in the Condamine to the west of Allora.


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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fishing Report - 2/12/2014

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish quite well for both the lure anglers as well as the bait anglers.  Local anglers still managed to catch some nice fish, with blades and hard body lures being the most successful.  Anglers have also had success trolling Stumpjumpers.  Live shrimp have been working the best for the bait anglers, with some quality Golden Perch being landed during the week.  There was also two legal sized Murray Cod landed on spinnerbaits while casting at the structure.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam is also fishing quite well.  Local anglers have been landing some nice Golden and Silver Perch on smaller profile hard body lures.  Worms also accounted for a few fish over the weekend.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON DAM: Both Bass dams continue to fish well.  Maroon has probably been the pick, with anglers landing some quality fish on a variety of lures.  Early in the morning and later in the afternoon seems to be the times to try.  OSP Bent Minnows have been the pick of the surface lures.

COOLMUNDA DAM: Coolmunda is fishing very well at the moment, with anglers reporting on some nice Golden Perch, as well as some nice Murray Cod, being landed on spinnerbaits and larger hard body lures.

RIVER AND CREEKS: Our local rivers and creek systems are also fishing quite consistent at present.  Local anglers have landed some nice Golden Perch and Murray Cod on both lures and bait.  There were some nice Golden Perch landed in the Mill Hole over the weekend.  There were also some quality Golden Perch as well as a couple of legal sized Murray Cod landed in the Pratten area