Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fishing Report 27/4/2017

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam are reporting on good numbers of Golden Perch being landed during the week and into the weekend.  Both lures and bait are working well, with several anglers landing some quality Golden Perch early on Sunday morning in the main basin on blades as most of these fish are located closer to the bottom.  We also received reports of a few solid Silver Perch being landed on worms from the bank towards the northern end of the dam.  Anglers are reporting on several small Murray Cod being landed on trolled hard body lures.  An Inglewood angler landed a lovely 76cm Murray Cod on a trolled Southern Cross hard body.

CONNOLLY DAM Anglers at Connolly Dam have landed some nice fish over the past week, with silent TN50 Jackalls working well for the lure anglers.  The most successful spot was up towards the wall of the dam.  Worms, small crays and shrimps worked well for the bait anglers when fished hard on the weed edge.

RIVER AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is fishing well, with several anglers having success over the weekend.  We received reports of legal sized fish coming from the Mill Hole and upstream towards the High School.  There were also a few nice fish landed below Scots Weir.  A local angler caught and released a very healthy 55cm Murray Cod on a spinnerbait.  We also received reports from kayak anglers landing some quality Golden Perch on the eastern side of Warwick on darker coloured spinnerbaits.  The eastern side of Warwick continues to be the most successful area, with anglers landing some nice fish recently.


Southern Cross Top Ass

Southern Cross Lures new surface colour range - Top Ass in both 60mm and 85mm.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fishing Report - 20/4/2017

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam saw plenty of legal sized Golden Perch landed over the Easter holidays on a variety of bait and lures.  Frozen shrimps and saltwater yabbies proved to be the most successful forms of bait.  Golden and Silver Perch were landed in all of the usual spots.  Anglers casting blades and tail spinners landed some nice fish in the deeper water in the main basin.  We received reports from several anglers of some quality Golden Perch being landed on trolled hard body lures.  There were also reports received of several legal sized Murray Cod landed over the Easter long weekend, with an angler from Pittsworth landing one measuring 92cm on a trolled spinnerbait.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly also saw several Golden Perch landed, with anglers fishing with bait seeing the best results, particularly in the afternoon.  Anglers landed several legal sized Silver Perch on worms, with the best fish measuring 49cm in length.  Anglers trolling the new Jackall Trigon from their kayaks landed some quality Golden Perch, with some of these fish measuring up to 50cm.  There were also a few smaller Murray Cod landed over the Easter long weekend.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw several large Golden Perch landed, with lure anglers landing more fish than previous weeks.  The eastern side of Warwick proved to be one of the more successful areas, with reports coming in from anglers in Killarney landing some nice Golden Perch on spinnerbaits.  There were also several smaller Murray Cod landed in this area on diving hard body lures.  Campers in the Pratten area also reported on a few Golden Perch being landed on bait.  There were also some big Carp removed from the waterways.


Westin Shadteez

This stunning big fellow puts other shads in its shadow. So perfectly detailed in every way, ShadTeez even has a double layer of clear coating to give a realistic fish-slime look.  The deep body, slender wrist and wide tail create a rolling, belly-flashing swimming action that leaves big predators spellbound.

Shallow-rigged and bumbled slowly past brackish reed beds, or deep-rigged it's imitating a mildly wounded panicking fish, you'll find your personal best attached to your line in no time at all!

Features include:

Optimized flexibility
Realistic Eyes
Easy action paddle tail
Double-layer life-like scale pattern
High body design with great belly flash
Hand painted detailed colours
Air chamber in tail

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fishing Report 11/4/2017

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam are continuing to land some reasonable numbers of Golden Perch on both bait and lures.  Anglers fishing in the afternoon are having more success than the morning anglers.  Shrimps and saltwater yabbies are working well for the bait anglers.  Campers at the Washpool are also landing some quality Silver and Golden Perch from the bank below the campground.  Anglers are also landing a few large Catfish on bait.  We received two reports of legal sized Murray Cod landed over the past week, with the best fish measuring 72cm.  This fish was landed on a mask vibe in the main basin by a Stanthorpe angler.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam continues to fish quite well, with anglers reporting on landing good numbers of Golden Perch from the eastern bank on bait.  Shrimps and worms are working well for the bait anglers, with TN60 Jackalls, beetlespins and spinnerbaits all working well for the lure anglers.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is still quite dirty after the recent rise, which is making it difficult for the lure anglers.  Anglers using bait are managing to land some nice fish.  Anglers in the Killarney area are seeing the best results, with a 20 pound Murray Cod being landed recently.  Anglers are landing a few fish in the Warwick town area, with some larger Golden Perch being landed around the Mill Hole.  Anglers in the Inglewood area are reporting on some nice fish on the move, with good numbers of Golden Perch being landed in the Macintyre-Brook.  We also received reports of several Murray Cod being landed upstream of Inglewood, with Murray Cod weighing up to 30 pound being landed.


Jackall Mikey

The Mikey is a very versatile bait, if you hold your rod tip up it can be fished on the surface and will create a big wake. Or if you hold your rod tip down it can dive down to 3 feet deep and swim like a real fish. The Mikey is perfect bait to attract any surface/sub-surface feeder from Murray Cod and big Bass to Toga and Jacks. The Mikey has a three piece body design that produce a slithering snake like action. It has become a "go to lure" for big cod in the western flowing rivers.

The skull shell colours are constructed using different body material creating a harder rattle noise and have an opaque white bib.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Fishing Report 3/4/2017

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam had reasonable success from the bank last week and into the weekend.  We received reports from several anglers advising of plenty of smaller Golden Perch being landed on shrimps and saltwater yabbies in various locations around the dam.  Lure anglers landed some quality Golden Perch.  Kayak anglers reported on landing some large Golden Perch while trolling TN60 Jackalls along the eastern bank.  A local angler managed to land a legal sized Murray Cod on a Imaktsu Alive Chatter.  Chatterbait Blades and mask vibes have also been working well for the anglers fishing the deeper water.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers at Connolly Dam reported on some good numbers of Golden and Silver Perch being landed on a variety of baits and lures.  Anglers fishing from the bank landed some good numbers on Saturday, with some anglers reporting on filling their bag limits.  Anglers trolling hard body lures also reported on some quality fish landed on deep diving hard body lures and spinnerbaits.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a good fresh in the latter part of the week.  Prior to the flood, there was some quality fish landed on lures, including a lovely 97cm Murray Cod landed on a spinnerbait.  Anglers fishing with bait also landed some quality Golden Perch as the river started to rise.


Imakatsu Alive Chatter

The Imakatsu Alive Chatter 70 is a hybrid between a conventional minnow type lure and a Chatter Bait.

Vibration, flash and movement paired with its slow sinking nature make the Alive Chatter the ultimate lure for targeting Australian Native Species. Uniquely balanced with the weight set forward in the protruding jaw enables the lures high speed roll to be achieved. The skirted trebles are another key feature giving the lure constant movement on the retrieve or pause. The skirted trebles add balance to the lure giving the ability to maintain its action on a dead slow roll or burning retrieve.

The Alive Chatter 70 is ideal to target Australia’s native sportfish such as Bass, Golden Perch, Mangrove Jack, Estuary Perch, Sooty Grunter and many more!