Monday, September 19, 2016

Fishing Report 20/9/2016

LESLIE DAM: There were a few fish landed early last week and on Saturday.  Numbers haven’t been huge but there have been a few quality fish amongst them.  Saltwater yabbies and shrimps seem to be the most successful forms of bait, especially on the Golden Perch.  There has been the odd fish landed from the bank.  However, it is a little difficult to finds a good spots to fish.  ZX Blades are still working quite well in the deeper water, with Mask Vibes working well in the main basin.  A Clifton angler managed to land three Golden Perch on Saturday afternoon trolling a Southern Cross Jackass up around Cod Alley.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam has seen mixed results over the past week or so, with some anglers going home empty handed and other having success from the bank.  Worms, shrimps and Saltwater Yabbies all accounted for a few fish.  Lure anglers landed a few nice fish on TN60 Jackalls, with bright colours working the best.  There were reports of a few smaller Murray Cod being landed on lures.  There was also a lovely 66cm Murray Cod landed on a purple spinnerbait.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: There were reports of a few Golden Perch landed in the town area of Warwick, mainly on bait.  We received reports of a few fish being landed near the Wallace Street Bridge.  There were some nice Golden Perch landed upstream of Scots Weir and at the pontoon near Tiddlik on Saltwater Yabbies and worms.  There were also reports of a few fish landed around Pratten on bait.

MOOGERAH DAM: The Bass are on the move at Moogerah.  Anglers are landing some nice fish on both bait and lures.  We received reports of some nice fish being landed in the top half of the dam on bait, with lures anglers having success in the main basin.  OSP Plastics on ½ oz jigheads were successful when fished slow on the bottom.  There were also a few nice Bass landed on Jets Tailspinners.


Jackall TN60 Tungsten

Nothing short of a sensation, the Jackall TN60' has revolutionised crankbaiting in Australia. First exploding onto the impoundment bass scene, the TN60 is now proving its worth in a variety of fresh and salt applications. The Jackall TN60 is dynamite on array of species with the most commonly targeted species being Bass, Redfin, Murray Cod, Small Barramundi, Saratoga, large Bream.  The Jackall TN60 has a reputation as the number one lure for Golden Perch and has long been a tournament winner.

The Jackall TN60 Fishing Lure is part of the exciting TN range of lipless crankbaits from Jackall Bros. The Jackall TN60 fishing lures are extremely versatile lures that can be fished a lot of different ways, they cast very well making them perfect search baits over flats and weed beds.

Jackall TN60 Fishing lures have a tungsten metal weight on the outside lip which allows for more body room for the lure to make its unique and irresistible rattling vibration. Jackall TN60 Fishing lures are designed to have the ultimate balance so the lure can swim at the very slowest retrieval speeds for especially challenging conditions. Jackall TN60 Fishing Lures cast like a dream due to its 13 gram weight and is a bite sized 60mm in length. The Jackall TN60 lure is specially designed with a weight system that makes it possible for the lure to stand straight up at the bottom. This amazing feature will mean less snagging than other types of lipless crankbaits. The Metal chin guard will also help to protect the Jackall body from damage when knocking against timber and rocks.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fishing Report 6/9/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam anglers struggled a little more than previous weeks, with not too many fish being landed from the bank due to the new water level making it hard to fish.  Anglers landed a few quality Golden Perch on saltwater yabbies on Sunday afternoon in the deeper water out from the Ski Club.  We also received reports of a few smaller Murray Cod on the move in the top end of the dam.  These fish were mainly landed on spinnerbaits.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers at Connolly Dam saw some solid Golden Perch landed over the weekend.  These fish were landed from the bank by anglers mainly using bait.  One local angler landed a couple of big Golden Perch on Sunday afternoon using TN60 Jackalls.  We also received a report of a legal sized Murray Cod being landed on a worm.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The local river and creek systems have been fishing well over the past week, with some quality fish being landed on bait.  Local anglers had success in the town area with reports from both upstream and downstream of Scots Weir.  Worms seem to be working the best in the dirty water, with two Scots College students landing two big Golden Perch and a small Murray Cod on Saturday morning.  Anglers also landed some legal sized Golden Perch off the pontoon near Tiddalik.  Anglers fishing on the eastern side of Warwick seem to be having more success on lures, with spinnerbaits working the best.  Several anglers landed legal sized Golden Perch in the Murrays Bridge and Emu Vale areas.  The Dalrymple and Kings Creeks area also worth a try, with some big Golden Perch being landed in the Allora and Clifton areas on bait.


Congratulations to Cody Haynes, Sean Haynes and James Buchner on competing in the Bass Australia Nation Grand Final last weekend.  Well done boys.