Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fishing Report - 21/1/2016

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam reported on things remaining fairly quiet, with only a handful of anglers landing legal size fish over the weekend.  One lucky angler managed to land a 78cm Murray Cod on a soft vibe in the deeper water.  Golden Perch have been quiet, with both lure anglers and bait anglers doing it tough.  Numbers weren't huge but the some of the fish landed were quality fish.  Anglers fishing from the bank landed a few Catfish on worms.  We received reports from campers at the Washpool of a few legal size Golden Perch being landed on saltwater yabbies.

CONNOLLY DAM:  Connolly Dam has seen a few anglers land a few fish over the past week.  There were some nice Silver Perch and Catfish landed on bait.  Anglers also reported on some quality Golden Perch being landed on saltwater yabbies and worms.

MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: Anglers landed some big Silver Perch at Moogerah while using hard body lures.  Brighter colours seemed to be the most successful.  Anglers had success in the gorge as well as in the timbered area towards the back of the dam.  Bass have been a little tight lipped, with only a few anglers reporting on legal fish.  Jackall Genes 70 accounted for a few fish in the timber.  Maroon was also worth the drive, with several smaller Bass being landed on trolled hard body lures.  Soft plastics and fly also worked well when used tight in the weed.

RIVER AND CREEKS: The Condamine River saw a few more fish being landed over the past week.  There were several small Murray Cod landed on hard body lures, with Stumpjumpers working well.  Anglers had success in the town area, with several Golden Perch being landed on trolled hard body lures upstream of the Queens Park Weir.  Anglers reported on fish being landed in all the usual spots to the East and West of Warwick.  A local Allora angler landed a lovely 70cm Murray Cod on a hard body lure.  Anglers in this area also had success on Golden Perch.


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Friday, January 15, 2016

FISHING REPORT - 14/1/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam remains much the same as last week, with things continuing to be a little quiet.  We received reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed off the bank on bait.  Live crays accounted for the majority of these fish, some measuring up to 51cm in length.  Anglers using shrimp also picked up a few nice fish in the deeper water, just across from the dam wall.  We also received reports of a few smaller Murray Cod on the move.  Anglers trolling hard body lures along the drop off in front of the Washpool and around Cod Alley also landed a few quality fish.  There were also some fish landed casting blades in the deeper water in the main basin.
CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam anglers managed to land some great fish, with plenty of big catfish being landed from the bank.  We received reports of some small Cod, Golden Perch and Silver Perch being landed, mainly on yabbies.  Most of the fish are hiding in, or close to, the weed edges.  Therefore, accurate casting is essential.
MOOGERAH DAM / MAROON: Maroon saw several Bass being landed over the weekend, with Sunday afternoon being the best.  Soft plastics worked well when placed hard into the weed.  A father and son landed some beautiful fish on Keitech 3" Swing Impacts.  Live shrimps also accounted for a few legal sized Bass along the southern bank.  Numbers definitely improved on previous weeks which is a very positive sign.
RIVER AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is looking good but fish numbers are still quite low, with not to many fish to report.  There were reports of some legal size Golden Perch landed below the Bacon Factory and upstream of the Mill hole.  Campers also had success on bait in the Pratten area.  The Dalrymple Creek to the east of Allora also saw a few legal size Golden Perch landed over the weekend.  These fish were landed on spinnerbaits and live shrimp.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fishing Report - 5/1/2016

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is fishing reasonably well, with several anglers landing some quality fish.  We received reports of several Murray Cod being landed over the weekend, two measuring in excess of 80cm in length.  These fish were landed while trolling hard body lures.  There were also several Golden Perch landed on bait over the weekend, with the deeper water just to the south of the dam wall a good spot to try.  Saltwater yabbies have been working well for the bait anglers.  There were also some nice Golden Perch landed on trolled hard body lures, with TN60 Jackalls and Yo-Zuri 3D Cranks working the best.
CONNOLLY DAM: We didn’t receive too many reports from anglers at Connolly.  There were a few Golden and Silver Perch landed off the bank using bait, with worms and saltwater yabbies working the best.
COOLMUNDA DAM: Coolmunda Dam saw plenty of anglers over the New Years break.  Most anglers commented on things being a littler slower, with not too many fish to report.  Locals managed to land a few nice Golden Perch on shrimps.  ZX40 blades in darker colours accounted for a few fish in the deeper water for the lure anglers.  Overall, things are fairly quiet at present.
RIVERS AND CREEKS: The local river and creek systems are producing a few nice fish.  Numbers are down but the water clarity is starting to improve.  One Stanthorpe angler landed a lovely 70cm Murray Cod on a spinnerbait at Murray Bridge.  We received reports of some legal sized Golden and Silver Perch coming out of the Mill hole.  Lyndhurst Lane Bridge was also worth a try, with anglers reporting of some nice Golden Perch being landed in this area.  Further west in the Texas, Inglewood and Goondiwindi areas, anglers reported on some nice fish being landed.