Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fishing Report - 28/2/2017

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam is fishing well at present, with most anglers landing fish over the past week on both bait and lures.  Shrimps and saltwater yabbies are working well in various spots in the main basin and around the Black Boys.  Worms are also working well on Silver Perch, with anglers commenting on some big fish being landed.  Local anglers landed some quality Golden Perch while trolling along the eastern bank near the Washpool Camping Reserve.  Blades, mask vibes and TN Jackalls continue to be the lures of choice for the lure anglers at the moment.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers at Connolly Dam landed some quality Golden and Silver Perch during the week and into the weekend.  These fish were all landed from the bank on a mixture of bait.  Anglers also had success from their kayaks, with two Stanthorpe anglers landing seven Golden Perch and a legal sized Murray Cod over the weekend.  Anglers trolling blades and spinnerbaits along the western bank landed some quality fish.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is fishing well on both the eastern and western sides of Warwick, with several reports of Golden Perch being landed over the past week.  Spinnerbaits have been the most successful, particularly to the east of Warwick.  Anglers targeting Murray Cod are also having success, with several reports of fish being landed on both diving and surface lures. We received reports from Anglers in the landing some quality Golden Perch in the Pratten area on bait.


Jackall TN Trigon

Jackall TN Trigon vibration baits have utilises Our Metal Sinker System to make it cast longer and have less snags. The weight at the chin makes the lure swim upright and guards the body bod from bumping on rocks. Due to the heavy weight on the chin, TN Trigon stands on the bottom upright.


  • 60mm
  • 18.5g
  • sinking

Monday, February 20, 2017

Fishing Report - 20/2/17

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam remains consistent, with some quality Golden Perch being landed during the week and over the weekend.  Anglers are having success on a variety of baits, with shrimps working the best.  Some anglers reported on filling their bag limits with ease over the weekend.  Lures are also working well, particularly in the main basin and up in the more narrow part of the dam.  Trolling and casting were methods that landed fish for the lure anglers.  Blades, mask vibes, TN60 Jackalls and a variety of diving hard body lures all worked well.  Anglers reported on a few legal sized Murray Cod being landed, with one of the better fish being landed on a Jackall Doozer.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam saw a few solid Golden Perch landed over the last week.  Numbers are down a little on previous weeks but the fish that were landed were quality fish.  Land based anglers saw the best results in the northern end of the dam.  Lipless crankbaits continue to work well.  Spinnerbaits accounted for some nice Golden Perch along the weed edge.  Worms and shrimps were the most successful form of bait.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is fishing well at present.  Anglers landed some quality Golden Perch on lures.  Spinnerbaits are working well, with one local angler landing a lovely 55cm Golden Perch on a purple Bassman.  Kayak anglers are also seeing some good results in the town area.  We received reports of a few smaller Murray Cod on the move.

STANTHORPE: Anglers fishing around the Stanthorpe area are landing some healthy Golden Perch and smaller Murray Cod from their Kayaks.


Jackall Doozer

Bigger baits mean bigger fish. Introducing the Doozer, Jackalls XOS lipless crankbait. At a massive 85mm and available in sinking and floating models, the Doozer is a grand daddy bait that will appeal to a wide variety of large sport fish. From ratting GTs over reefy flats to slow rolling for Murray Cod and Barra, Doozer's unique rattle will grab the attention of any serious predator.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fishing Report 13/2/2017

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam fished well over the past week and into the weekend.  Anglers reported on some good numbers of quality Golden Perch being landed on baits, with shrimps working the best.  Anglers landed some nice fish to the south of the Washpool. The lure anglers also landed some quality Golden Perch in the main basin, with blades, spinnerbaits and mask vibes all working well over the weekend.  We also received reports of a few legal sized Murray Cod on the move, with fish up to 90cm in length being landed.  This fish was landed on an Austackle Spinnerbait by an Allora angler early on Sunday morning.

CONNOLLY DAM: Connolly Dam remains consistent, with some quality fish being landed from the bank and from kayaks.  One local angler landed 8 Golden Perch from the bank on a TN60 Jackall.  Spinnerbaits and trolled hard body lures also accounted for some quality fish.  Anglers also commented on some big Silver Perch being landed, some measuring up to 55cm in length.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is worth a try, with some nice fish being landed by anglers in their kayak.  Anglers are also having success in the Murrays Bridge area, with some quality Golden Perch and some smaller Murray Cod being landed on spinnerbaits.  Anglers fishing in the town area had success in various spots between Scots Weir and the Mill Hole.  We also received a report from a local angler who landed a lovely 15 pound Murray Cod at Wheatvale on a cray.

STORM KING DAM: Storm King Dam is fishing reasonable well at present, with some nice Golden Perch being landed.  The majority of these fish were landed while trolling diving hard body lures over the weekend.



Designed from the award-winning lineage of 13 Fishing's Concept family of reels, the A3 is everything desired in a big low profile, cranked up a few notches.

H.A.M. - Hard As A Mother Gearing
13 Fishings' supersized H.A.M. Gearing is up to 37% larger those in ordinary reels providing a wider more stable connection to handle heavy max drag, and trophy fish.

Bigger Is Better
Power is paramount to the new A3 design, and it all starts with the guts of this beast. Cut with Japanese Hamai precision, the new H.A.M. gears are hardened brass that is substantially stronger and thicker than any reel in its class.

A3 Super Kick Lever
Overbuilt and reinforced to handle extreme pressure, the A3 Super Kick Lever uses our proprietary cam support arm for failure free performance and long lasting durability.

  • Ocean Armor 2 Saltwater Protection Process
  • 30+ lb. Maximum Drag
  • New H.A.M. Gearing System
  • Dead Stop Anti-Reverse System
  • Concept Cork Knobs + Power Handle
  • Beetle Wing Rapid Access Slide Plate
  • Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing
  • Trick Shop Compatible
  • HD Aluminum Frame and Gear Side Plate
  • Airfoil Carbon Palm Side Plate
  • Arrowhead Line Guide System

Monday, February 6, 2017

Fishing Report - 6/2/2017

LESLIE DAM: Leslie Dam continues to fish quite well with reports of some nice fish on the move over the past week.  Mask Vibes and Blades are still working well, with some quality Golden Perch being landed in 10-15 feet of water.  Anglers have reported on plenty of smaller fish being landed up near the dam wall.  The majority of these fish were landed on bait, with saltwater yabbies and worms being the most successful. One local angler managed to land a magnificent 107cm Murray Cod on a soft plastic.  This fish was released to live another day.

CONNOLLY DAM: Kayak anglers at Connolly Dam continue to land some nice fish at Connolly, with trolling lures being one method that worked well.  There was also some quality Silver Perch landed from the bank on bait. Worms worked well for the bait anglers, with saltwater yabbies also picking up a few nice fish.  There were some quality Golden Perch landed off the bank early on Monday morning on TN50 Jackalls and Blades.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River is fishing quite well at the moment, with some quality Golden Perch landed in various spots in between Tiddalik and the Mill hole.  The majority of these fish were landed on saltwater yabbies and worms.  There were also several smaller Murray Cod landed on spinnerbaits in the town area.

COOLMUNDA DAM: Coolmunda has been fishing well over the past couple of weeks.  Anglers have reported on some quality Golden Perch being landed on a variety of bait and lures.  Saltwater yabbies was the bait of choice for the bait anglers, while spinnerbaits proved to be successful for the lure anglers.  There were also reports of some legal sized Cod on the move. 


Congratulations to Matt Hughes for being the winner of our recent Austackle promotion.  He takes home $500 worth of tackle from Austackle.  Well done Matt.