Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Fishing Report 31/10/2018

LESLIE DAM: Anglers at Leslie Dam are reporting on plenty of fish on the move over the past week.  Murray Cod have been quite active, with several larger fish being landed.  Spinnerbaits continue to be very successful when casting the structure in the main basin.  They have also accounted for some nice fish when being trolled.  There has also been reports of some quality Golden Perch being landed.  Some anglers have reported on landing up to 35 fish in a session.  Anglers are seeing he best results when locating the schooled Golden Perch on their sounders and jigging blades off the bottom.

CONNOLLY DAM: Anglers at Connolly Dam reported on a few more Golden Perch being landed than previous weeks.  Anglers using worms accounted for a few legal sized Silver Perch along the bank.  Anglers also reported on a few Murray Cod on the move, with some better fish being landed on lures.  An angler from Gatton caught and released a lovely 82cm Murray Cod on Friday morning on a Jackall Gantarel.

RIVERS AND CREEKS: The Condamine River remains a little quiet at present, particularly for the lures anglers.  This is mainly due to the poor water clarity.  Anglers landed several legal sized Golden Perch in the town area on bait.  Anglers fishing downstream of the Bacon Factory reported on some nice Golden Perch being landed, with some measuring up to 43cm.  These fish were all landed on worms.  We also received several reports of big Carp being removed from the river.

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